This video contains a number of brief clips during my Award-Winning Comedy Hypnosis show performed at Wacko’s Comedy Club. This was an adult Comedy Hypnosis Show. This themed and styled show is perfect for a bar, club, bachelor or bachelorette party or any event where you want an edgy comedy hyponsis show.

This is a video from a Comedy Hypnosis Show I performed for a community festival in Minnesota. I noticed the lady has a knee brace on and I made a joke about physical therapy. She took the joke literally and began doing physical therapy on stage. This an example of why no 2 Comedy Hypnosis Shows are ever they same. Each show the volunteers bring their own unique personalities to the stage.

This clip was taken during a Comedy Hypnosis Show that I setup to raise money for Joah’s Pink Bags of Hope in Pierre, SD. The volunteers were hypnotized into thinking they were watching a scary movie. The physical expressions and reaction to the move were incredible!

This video was during a show at Oahe Days in Pierre, SD. The volunteers were hypnotized into believing they were Shania Twain and her backup dancers. These three guys absolutely stole the show with their insane dance moves.

This was a College Comedy Hypnosis Show performed for Missouri State University. These students were hypnotized into believing they were at their high school prom. The volunteers are than moved into an After Party in which the cops are called. It’s absolutely one of my favorite bits to do for my College Comedy Hypnosis Show.

The following video was from a corporate comedy hypnosis show I performed for a company holiday party in Wyoming. The volunteers in this comedy hypnosis show were hypnotized into believing they were Shania Twain and her backup dancers.

One of the most powerful hypnosis techniques of all-time is the eye lock test. It’s so powerful, yet so many hypnotists are terrified that it will fail and usually abandon its use. The truth is, it rarely fails if done correctly. This is what separates a REAL Comedy Hypnotist from an amateur comedy hypnotist. Give this video a try for yourself and than comment if it worked for you!