This was a video clip from a corporate comedy hypnosis show performed in Fargo, ND. The volunteers were hypnotized to be 5th Grade Students who would make faces behind the teachers back (me). Anytime the teacher turned around they instantly became perfect little angels again.

This was a college comedy hypnosis show I did for Missouri State University. This was the first time doing this bit and it was hilarious. The setup took a bit, so I apologize if the video seems a bit slow, but wait until the punchline! The students erupted in laughter and the volunteers we’re incredible.

This is a clip from a recent Comedy Hypnosis Show performed at the Marcus Community Fair in Marcus, IA. This idea came to me while on stage, since the stage was relatively high off the ground. The volunteers were told we were on top of a 300 story building and that me jumping off would be the funniest thing they ever saw.

This is a recent video clip from my comedy hypnosis show performed at the Woodbury County Fair in Moville, Iowa. The volunteers were hypnotized into believing a giant boom-a-rang was going to hit them strait in the head. The lady in the Blue shirt had another plan however…

This is a video clip from a recent comedy hypnosis show I did in Des Moines, IA for the Glen Oaks Country Club. One of my favorite comedy hypnosis skits is when I hypnotize the volunteers into believing they are playing the lottery and one lucky person will win an x-amount of money. It always creates hysterical reactions from both the volunteers and the crowd. At the end of the video you’ll see one of the most hilarious reactions I’ve ever seen when doing this Comedy Hypnosis Skit.

This video contains hypnotic inductions and a hilarious version of my lottery ticket skit from a recent High School After-Prom Comedy Hypnosis Show in Pierre, SD. Notice the incredible energy and the laughs from the students. It was so loud with laughter the volunteers had trouble hearing me. These students had so much fun the school booked me 5 days later for their 2018 High School After-Prom.

This video was from my 2017 High School Senior Graduation Season. It was done at Altoona High School in Wisconsin. It demonstrates a number of unique and rarely seen hypnotic inductions. Compared to the typical method of hypnotizing people sitting in chairs and demanding silence, I joke and engage the audience through the entire hypnotic induction. It makes for a much more entertaining show as you can hear by the laughter of the students.

This is an older video from a Comedy Hypnosis Show I did for a high school in Iowa. It contains a number of video clips including my unique style of hypnotizing the students.

This Comedy Hypnosis Show was performed during a corporate show for their holiday party. The volunteers were hypnotized into believing they had a lottery ticket that could be worth 5 billion dollars. The winner of the lottery was absolutely hysterical. This is one of my favorite comedy hypnosis skits to perform during my corporate comedy hypnosis show.