We saw your show at wackos comedy club, i have never laughed so hard. I was skeptical until my husband went on stage and was hypnotized.. It was the best show i have ever seen.. I would highly recommend to the people that never see your show to come out and see you, you are the best.. Thanks for putting on shows – DeAnna Park

Kellen’s hypnotist shows are hilarious! I’ve been to previous hypnotist shows that were good and OK but Kellen’s are on a whole different level. I’ve seen multiple shows of his at his comedy club and each one is better than the last. He’s really good at getting the crowd to loosen up and getting the crowd to participate then it just gets better and better from there. Highly recommend! – Jack Bucknell

Yooooo this show will turn nonbelievers into addicts. I have always been skeptical and only seen one hypnotist in my life before and that one didn’t go so hot. Saw Kellen at Wackos with a few friends of mine and he absolutely destroyed the whole routine including my breathing capability for the remainder of the night. I’ve never laughed at a fellow friend so much for something he technically voluntarily did. P.S. that friend was the most skeptic of the group and he was the star of the show that night. Now if only I could get hypnotized into better eating habits… Thanks again for the upgrade to the old pleasure receptors! – Drew Dedula

Kellen did two shows for our towns festival. He did a family friendly show outside and everyone loved him. He had kids singing and dancing and made every member of the audience laugh. He also did an adult show. This show was hilarious! We have already had several requests for a return next year! – Lexie H. Estherville, IA

Hi I am the mother that first contacted you about doing a show for post prom at West Holt. You did a fantastic job and my daughter said the whole school said it was the best part of post prom. That was also great of you to instill not to ride with or drive while intoxicated or been drinking. AWESOME AWESOME message. Thanks so much for the wonderful show and I have heard only good things from people in the Lynch area also who were really impressed. Thanks again! – Lisa Bilstien West Holt, NE

Our high school students absolutely loved his performance. They literally had tears to rolling down their face from laughter. – Jennifer Meyer
Montrose, SD