Kellen, you were amazing! Everyone was engaged and had a blast! You truly have a gift. I hope I can see you again. On another note, THANK YOU for your service and protecting our country. – Jamie Brutty

I wanted to reach out and say “Thank you!” for making our Holiday party a huge success!  We have gotten a lot of really great feedback – most of it pertaining to you!  You were awesome!  Everyone loved it!! – Dianna Holm

Watching Kellen Marson! Effing hilarious! – Elizabeth Kay

What a fun show last night! Thanks so much for coming to Harrisburg!! Look forward to seeing the show again! – Amber Halvorson Steinberg

He puts on a great show. I will definitely try and go to another one. – Larry Huisman

“Kellen did a great show! Myself and the GM (and the other staff) thought it was a great show. I talked to some members on the way out of the Club that night and they thought it was great as well. He had great energy throughout the performance as well. Thank you helping me book him!” – Glen Oaks Country Club

Kellen isn’t like all the other hypnotists seen around the area (Iowa) and that’s even compared to the past 15 years of shows I’ve seen. Immediately you notice a difference in the induction where Kellen doesn’t keep the people in their seats but gets them “comfortable”. Very energetic in his whole skit that even in the midst of a fair your attention is drawn to him and all other sounds just drown out. Audience participation, laughter, surprising moments (even by the “victims”), and a few smart-alack comments to catch you off guard, Kellen Marson is a great hypnotist! (And I wasn’t even hypnotized to say that!) – Amanda Groth

I was pleasantly surprised and humbled when we had a SOLD OUT show and we had sooo many volunteers last night! They made the show absolutely hilarious and turned a lot of doubters into believers! I loved that his Hypnosis After Dark show was just risqué enough for a bar/lounge atmosphere but still tasteful! – Baley Moore

We had so much fun! Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my entire life…we would definitely go again!!!!! – Bonita Horstman-Rowe

We saw your show at wackos comedy club, i have never laughed so hard. I was skeptical until my husband went on stage and was hypnotized.. It was the best show i have ever seen.. I would highly recommend to the people that never see your show to come out and see you, you are the best.. Thanks for putting on shows – DeAnna Park