College Comedy Hypnotist

The Midwest's #1 College Comedy Hypnotist

Let’s face it, anything “mystical”, “weird” or “bizarre” attracts attention on any college campus! Kellen is not your typical comedy hypnotist. You’ve no doubt experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of hypnosis performances on your campus.

Rest assured that when you book College Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson, you’re getting a top college performer who understand the specific needs of the college market. The attention spans of college students has decreased dramatically.

The old methods of hypnotizing volunteers for 20 minutes in chairs is no longer entertaining. Kellen has created a hypnosis style that allows him to quickly hypnotize the students in a breath-taking way, while at the same time joking and entertaining the audience. Students can laugh and talk during the entire hypnotic induction.

In other words, Kellen’s College Comedy Hypnosis Show is unlike anything you or your students will ever see…guaranteed! He brings this old age mystical art from kicking and creaming into the 21st century. His shows are filled with bits he’s designed specifically to be a hit with college students. Although his comedy hypnosis show is edgy, it’s never offensive, embarrassing or inappropriate.

Kellen’s show grabs the attention of the audience and holds it from start to finish. Kellen is witty, sarcastic and filled with energy, your students will love him! All shows contain modern and popular music and unique skits, BUT maybe your college has a themed event. Kellen can create a show around your entire themed event, just ask!

The Kellen Marson College Comedy Hypnosis show is truly a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else. Your students will be laughing in the isles and raving about the show for months to come!

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