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Amazing...Comedy Hypnotist For Your Fair OR Festival

Finally…a professional comedy hypnotist that draws a crowd! From a small weekend festivals in a specific niche market, to state fairs that draw hundreds of thousands of guests.

Regardless of the size of your fair or festival, it would not be complete without a hysterical comedy hypnosis show. Just mentioning the word “Hypnosis” can draw an incredible crowd. However, not just any comedy hypnotist will do.

You need a true professional, someone that will bring HUGE laughs and provide your fair goers an unforgettable experience WITHOUT destroying your budget.

Kellen offers a number of discounts that can dramatically decrease your cost.  Does your fair already have a sound system in place? Are you able to provide a hotel? These are just 2 of a number of discounts Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson can offer you that will save you hundreds on booking his comedy hypnosis show. World-class entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive.

Need help promoting the show? With years of experience in promoting his events, Kellen’s comedy hypnosis show has set attendance records at community festivals, county fairs & state fairs across the United States. Not only do comedy hypnosis shows at fairs & festivals naturally draw a crowd, but Kellen can supply you with top-notch promotional materials that stand out…at no additional cost. And if you should wish to create your own materials, you’ll even be supplied with high quality digital imagery to use.

Would you agree that your event is all about providing an experience your guests will never forget? Comedy hypnotist Kellen Marson guarantees to leave your guests in a fit of hysterical laughter and even rolling in the aisles. More importantly though, Kellen understands you’re looking for more then just a comedy hypnotist. You want a comedy hypnotist that boosts your fair or festivals reputation, brings your guests back, and is strong enough for them to spread the word to others.

This is why Kellen makes use of every on stage opportunity to create a personal, unique and powerful experience for people to rave about until next year when they beg to have him back. As Kellen’s show centers around the “mind”, it has an incredible appeal to an audience, literally impacting each and every person in different ways.

The bottom line is your event has a mission. When all is said and done, what you really want is a comedy hypnosis show that will draw incredible attendance and is attractive to as many guests as possible. You want all of this on a budget, with the least hassle and surprise possible. Most of all, you want to be made to look great and have your guests laughing and talking about the event and building anticipation for the next show. Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson will bring it all and then some!

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