Hypnosis After Dark The Show

The Ultimate Bar & Night Club Experience

Hypnosis After Dark is the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE for Bars & Nightclubs. Affordable for any venue and designed to INCREASE your drink Sales AND PACK your venue. Your guests and patrons are guaranteed to RAVE for weeks to come! It’s a style of show you typically can only see on the Las Vegas Strip now available in your area!

It’s a self contained show, that includes the lighting, the sound system and the marketing materials designed to draw a huge crowd. For a few hundred dollars, a hotel room, a performance space and 10-12 non-folding chairs you can play host to this Award-Winning performance.

This show was designed from the ground up to be the perfect form of entertainment for bars, comedy clubs, night clubs and any place where a you need a hysterical, fun and risqué performance.

How many times have you booked a stand-up comedian, brought in Karaoke, a DJ, a live band or other type of entertainment to pack your venue, but find out that it didn’t have the draw you hoped it would? This is because every bar and venue is doing the same type of entertainment!

I was pleasantly surprised and humbled when we had a SOLD OUT show and we had sooo many volunteers last night! They made the show absolutely hilarious and turned a lot of doubters into believers! I loved that his Hypnosis After Dark show was just risqué enough for a bar/lounge atmosphere but still tasteful! – Baley Moore

How many times have you heard of a venue bringing in a Comedy Hypnotist? Hardly ever! This is exactly why Hypnosis After Dark regularly sell out! It’s unique & different and no other show lets your guests become the stars of the show.

We saw your show at wackos comedy club, i have never laughed so hard. I was skeptical until my husband went on stage and was hypnotized.. It was the best show i have ever seen.. I would highly recommend to the people that never see your show to come out and see you, you are the best. – DeAnna Park

If you’ve got a space to seat 50 or more people (party rooms and banquet rooms work best, but not required), than you can PLAY HOST to one of funniest show on the entertainment circuit. Hypnosis After Dark has sold out shows in towns as small as 800 people and major metropolitan cities.

Kellen’s hypnotist shows are hilarious! I’ve been to previous hypnotist shows that were good and OK but Kellen’s are on a whole different level. I’ve seen multiple shows of his at his comedy club and each one is better than the last. He’s really good at getting the crowd to loosen up and getting the crowd to participate then it just gets better and better from there. Highly recommend! – Jack Bucknell

Listen, I know your ultimate goal as a venue is to provide a fun time for your guests while making the night HUGELY PROFITABLE! This is why I price my Hypnosis After Dark 21+ show strategically so that I make money, but more importantly, your risk is almost ZERO.

I’ll help you every step of the way with customized marketing materials, press releases, social media presence, making myself available for media and radio interviews, all to ensure this show is a MASSIVE SUCCESS.

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