Comedy Hypnosis Routines

Routines You Should Never Do At A High School Comedy Hypnosis Show

As a full-time comedy hypnotist located in South Dakota, which is a very conservative state, it’s essential to provide quality and funny routines that will ensure no one leaves your comedy hypnosis show feeling embarrassed, upset or offended. I have had the opportunity over the years to witness high school comedy hypnosis shows where hypnotists perform routines that should only be performed in a night club (21+) setting, college or at least an adults only show.

Why you should Book A South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist Early to Avoid Bottom Feeders!

Avoid a bottom feeder Comedy Hypnotist at your after-prom or senior graduation event!

It’s only been a few months since the South Dakota High School After-Prom and Senior graduation parties have come to a close, but if you’re like many of the South Dakota high schools I perform for each year, your planning has already started for your 2018 event! One of those tasks is booking the most requested form of entertainment, a South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist.