Seattle / Tacoma Comedy Hypnotist

Award-Winning Seattle / Tacoma Comedy Hypnotist

Seattle / Tacoma Comedy Hypnotist

Seattle / Tacoma Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson is the most experienced comedy hypnotist in the Seattle / Tacoma Area. He has performed over 1200 comedy hypnosis shows and has put to “sleep” more than 15,000 people.

Like other great comedic entertainers, Seattle / Tacoma Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson pushes the outer limits of humor with his unconventional approach to entertainment. His shows are are always clean (unless requested) and the volunteers and the audience will never be embarrassed.

Kellen Marson is available to perform his comedy hypnosis show in Seattle / Tacoma for:

Your Seattle / Tacoma Event Deserves The Best

Lets face it, some comedy hypnotists are good, others are great, but most are terrible. You can’t risk putting your reputation and money on the line for a hypnotist in Seattle / Tacoma that may or may not meet your expectations. This is never an issue when you book comedy hypnotist Kellen Marson. Each performance is always guaranteed!

Although Kellen has never had a show fail to meet the clients expectations, if it ever does happen, he’ll refund 100% of the show fee without question. Therefore, you can relax knowing the performance will be well received and everyone in attendance will have a great time.

Comedy Hypnosis Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Kellen’s hypnosis shows always offer amazing, hilarious and high caliber Las Vegas style entertainment, guaranteed to put your audience in uncontrollable laughter for weeks to come. His quick wit, lovable charm and powerful hypnotic ability bring this old age mystical art form kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Using breath taking displays of hypnotic phenomena, unbelievable energy and hysterical comedy, Kellen weaves a truly unforgettable and high octane show. Not only is Kellen an awe-inspiring performer, but he’s also a dynamic entertainer and energetic performer who can get the very best out of every single on stage opportunity.

Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson Knows Your Audience

Performing all over the country, Kellen knows that not all audiences are the same. Depending on the part of the country you’re in or type of event, some people are more outgoing, others reserved, some are more open to hypnosis others not so much.

Having performed his comedy hypnosis show in Seattle / Tacoma and the surrounding area for dozens of High Schools, Fairs & Festivals, Corporations, Colleges and Private Events, Kellen understands the Seattle / Tacoma audience and knows exactly what it takes to put on an award-winning performance!

He’s able to relate to the audience and customize each and every show to fit the unique needs and personalities of those in attendance at his shows. This unique ability has made Kellen the most requested comedy hypnotist in Seattle / Tacoma, WA.


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Omaha Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson?

This is a clip from a recent Comedy Hypnosis Show performed at the Marcus Community Fair in Marcus, IA. This idea came to me while on stage, since the stage was relatively high off the ground. The volunteers were told we were on top of a 300 story building and that me jumping off would be the funniest thing they ever saw.

“Kellen did a great show! Myself and the GM (and the other staff) thought it was a great show. I talked to some members on the way out of the Club that night and they thought it was great as well. He had great energy throughout the performance as well. Thank you helping me book him!” – Glen Oaks Country Club

Kellen isn’t like all the other hypnotists seen around the area (Iowa) and that’s even compared to the past 15 years of shows I’ve seen. Immediately you notice a difference in the induction where Kellen doesn’t keep the people in their seats but gets them “comfortable”. Very energetic in his whole skit that even in the midst of a fair your attention is drawn to him and all other sounds just drown out. Audience participation, laughter, surprising moments (even by the “victims”), and a few smart-alack comments to catch you off guard, Kellen Marson is a great hypnotist! (And I wasn’t even hypnotized to say that!) – Amanda Groth

Woodbury County Fair Show DVD

The show DVD from the August 4th Comedy Hypnosis Show performed at the Woodbury County Fair is now available for instant download.

This is a recent video clip from my comedy hypnosis show performed at the Woodbury County Fair in Moville, Iowa. The volunteers were hypnotized into believing a giant boom-a-rang was going to hit them strait in the head. The lady in the Blue shirt had another plan however…

I was pleasantly surprised and humbled when we had a SOLD OUT show and we had sooo many volunteers last night! They made the show absolutely hilarious and turned a lot of doubters into believers! I loved that his Hypnosis After Dark show was just risqué enough for a bar/lounge atmosphere but still tasteful! – Baley Moore

We had so much fun! Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my entire life…we would definitely go again!!!!! – Bonita Horstman-Rowe

“Russia has denied any involvement in Garth Brooks selling out 6 shows in 29 minutes. Despite allegations they hacked Putin was quoted saying, “South Dakota is just 20 years behind rest of America.””

Kansas City Comedy Hypnotist

Award-Winning Kansas City Comedy Hypnotist

Kansas City Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson

Kansas City Comedy Hypnotist Kellen Marson is the most experienced comedy hypnotist in the Kansas City Area. He has performed over 1200 comedy hypnosis shows and has put to “sleep” more than 15,000 people.