Kellen, you were amazing! Everyone was engaged and had a blast! You truly have a gift. I hope I can see you again. On another note, THANK YOU for your service and protecting our country. – Jamie Brutty

This was a video clip from a corporate comedy hypnosis show performed in Fargo, ND. The volunteers were hypnotized to be 5th Grade Students who would make faces behind the teachers back (me). Anytime the teacher turned around they instantly became perfect little angels again.

I wanted to reach out and say “Thank you!” for making our Holiday party a huge success!  We have gotten a lot of really great feedback – most of it pertaining to you!  You were awesome!  Everyone loved it!! – Dianna Holm

What Hypnosis Is – Part 1

Hypnosis is an Overload of Message Units

I recently read a blog post written by a comedy hypnotist in Minnesota, who did an excellent job outlining the basic theories of how our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds drive our human behavior. However, like the majority of comedy hypnotists, the writer showed a seriously amateur and worrisome misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is.

This was a college comedy hypnosis show I did for Missouri State University. This was the first time doing this bit and it was hilarious. The setup took a bit, so I apologize if the video seems a bit slow, but wait until the punchline! The students erupted in laughter and the volunteers we’re incredible.

Watching Kellen Marson! Effing hilarious! – Elizabeth Kay

What a fun show last night! Thanks so much for coming to Harrisburg!! Look forward to seeing the show again! – Amber Halvorson Steinberg

Are you booking a Real Comedy Hypnotist??

Ensure you're booking a REAL Comedy Hypnotist NOT a Scriptnotist

I’ve always felt that my job as a comedy hypnotist is to ensure that at the end of my shows volunteers and audiences a like, leave with an entirely different perspective on hypnosis. I often refer to the method and style of hypnosis that I personally use in my shows as real hypnosis.

Comedy Hypnosis Routines

Routines You Should Never Do At A High School Comedy Hypnosis Show

As a full-time comedy hypnotist located in South Dakota, which is a very conservative state, it’s essential to provide quality and funny routines that will ensure no one leaves your comedy hypnosis show feeling embarrassed, upset or offended. I have had the opportunity over the years to witness high school comedy hypnosis shows where hypnotists perform routines that should only be performed in a night club (21+) setting, college or at least an adults only show.