Sioux Falls To Rename Streets

Sioux Falls Study Costs Tax Payers $20,000

The Sioux Falls City Counsel has agreed to release a confidential study Monday, after discovering Mayor, Mike Huether spent $20,000 of tax payer money to determine which street in Sioux Falls had the highest level of obesity.

The cost of the study was actually $95,000, but Chuck Brennan, the founder of the recently closed empire, The Dollar Loan Center, sponsored $75,000 of the cost. “When I heard about the study, I knew I had to invest back to the community,” said Chuck.

Ironically, Klondike Avenue was determined to have a higher obesity rate over all other streets in the city. The study revealed that street names revolving around food, have a significant impact on the weight of the residents who live on them.

The research was done by Hultgren Construction who said, “the study will help the city to not only curb it’s growing obesity problem by changing the street names it uses, but also to ensure the strength and integrity of our crumbling city streets.

A call to Mayor Mike Huether was not immediately returned.

This is Satire News and Untrue.

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