What Hypnosis Is – Part 1

Hypnosis is an Overload of Message Units

I recently read a blog post written by a comedy hypnotist in Minnesota, who did an excellent job outlining the basic theories of how our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds drive our human behavior. However, like the majority of comedy hypnotists, the writer showed a seriously amateur and worrisome misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is.

One of my biggest frustrations with other Comedy Hypnotists is that they refuse (for some reason) to accept that hypnosis is NOT RELAXATION. The idea of hypnosis and relaxation as a combination is an uneducated, incompetent and amateur belief.

It has lead to hundreds of thousands of people believing they cannot be hypnotized, simply because they cannot relax or are unable shut off their minds. The result is an incredible number of people missing out on the amazing healing qualities of Hypnosis.

Further, it makes my job as a Comedy Hypnotist that much more difficult, since I have to demonstrate to my volunteers and the audience that hypnosis has nothing to do with relaxation.

If Hypnosis is not relaxation, than what is?

  1. Hypnosis is an overload of message units. This is all of the input sent to the brain by the environment, the physical body, and the conscious and subconscious minds. When too many message units are received (overloading), a state of anxiety occurs. This type of anxiety is not the same as the anxiety one suffers from emotionally. It’s simply a state of mind that creates no emotional discomfort to the person.
  2. This overload of message units (anxiety) disables the conscious mind and it triggers the fight, flight, or freeze response, which triggers a state of hyper suggestibility that gives us access to the subconscious mind. Which we professionals refer to as HYPNOSIS!

One example of this is when you drive down the highway and realize that you’ve zoned out and missed your exit, have no idea where you’re at, or simply lost complete track of time. This is called highway hypnosis and it occurs naturally.

The writer of the blog that sparked me to write this article believes highway hypnosis happens because you focus down on a specific thought and you disregard things around you. This is absolutely ignorant rubbish.

What really occurs, is that you’re thinking of so many thoughts like work, your kids, your schedule, you add this on top of the traffic around you, lane changes, the sounds of the tires on the road, your radio etc. Eventually your mind becomes so overloaded with message units that you automatically trigger your flight, fight or freeze response.

Your conscious mind is ultimately saying, I need a break, I can’t handle all this information, and it gives off the processing to your subconscious mind which can process an infinite amount of information. These primitive instincts are designed to keep you alive, Therefore, you are actually more alert in this subconscious state than a conscious state, which is why you’ll stop before you hit a deer or rear-end another car.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of what actually creates hypnosis. Be careful of those hypnotists that believe hypnosis is relaxation. It’s important that the comedy hypnotist you are considering hiring fully understands what hypnosis actually is. In part 2 I’ll be building off the idea that hypnosis is NOT relaxation, and further debunking it with more proof, thoughts and practical examples.

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