Are you booking a Real Comedy Hypnotist??

Ensure you're booking a REAL Comedy Hypnotist NOT a Scriptnotist

I’ve always felt that my job as a comedy hypnotist is to ensure that at the end of my shows volunteers and audiences a like, leave with an entirely different perspective on hypnosis. I often refer to the method and style of hypnosis that I personally use in my shows as real hypnosis.

Over the years, as one could imagine, I’ve gotten in my fair share of heated conversations from others in the industry that HATE and DESPISE that I use this term in marketing my shows, thinking it some how implies that what they do is something other than hypnosis.

The truth of the matter is, what these other comedy hypnotists do, is perform hypnosis in such a way that it creates a false idea of what hypnosis REALLY is. If you’ve ever seen a hypnosis show, it’s usually done with a hypnotist, or I like to call a scriptnotist – A person that memorizes a script that he/she learned and than recites it to a group of volunteers sitting in chairs for 10-20 minutes.

The end result of this is to get the volunteers so relaxed (or bored) they enter a state of hypnosis. This may seem like normal practice if you’ve seen a hypnosis show before, but I assure you, once you’ve seen Real Hypnosis, you’ll never look at hypnosis the same way again.

Below is a guide to help you ensure that you AVOID booking one of these scriptnotists and ensure that you are booking a Real comedy hypnotist for your event. After all, your event deserves nothing less than a real comedy hypnosis show. Hopefully this guide will help you in ensuring that your event is a huge success, as well as to clear up many of the false misconceptions about hypnosis that have been created by scriptnotists.

YOU’VE BOOKED A SCRIPTNOTIST IF – The hypnotist tells the audience he needs everyone to be quiet while he puts the volunteers into hypnosis so they can “focus” clearly.

Real Hypnosis – With real hypnosis you don’t need silence. This is a myth and belief by scriptnotists. The truth is, the noise of the audience has no impact on creating a state of hypnosis. In my show I encourage the audience to have fun, laugh, talk about what they are experiencing and seeing. I will even joke with the audience and the volunteers during my induction. You paid to have fun, not to be quiet. This is real hypnosis.

YOU’VE BOOKED A SCRIPTNOTIST IF – The hypnotist puts the volunteers in chairs and hypnotizes them through any method of relaxation. Anytime you hear the hypnotist say relax the arms, legs, neck etc you’ve got a scriptnotist on your hands.

Real Hypnosis – With real hypnosis, volunteers are NEVER hypnotized in chairs if avoidable. Relaxation has absolutely nothing to do with achieving hypnosis. As mentioned, relaxation is what happens after you’re hypnotized. I almost always hypnotize my volunteers standing up and even achieve hypnotic phenomenon in no more than 10-15 seconds. Demonstrating further, you don’t need relaxation to be hypnotized. It’s a myth created by Scriptnotists. Plus real hypnosis is way more entertaining, which is the purpose of comedy hypnosis to begin with.

YOU’VE BOOKED A SCRIPTNOTIST IF – They hypnotist tells the audience to NOT volunteer if they really don’t want to be hypnotized.

Real Hypnosis – Unlike scriptnotists, real hypnotists believe that everyone is hypnotizable, because everyone is suggestible. If you weren’t suggestible you couldn’t learn. Real Hypnotists will ask even skeptics to come up on stage and give it a try, because we don’t care if we fail. Scriptnotists are afraid of failure, which is why they do scriptnosis and hypnotize people in chairs. Its safe in the terms that it’s easy to cover up mistakes and it’s easy for volunteers to fake, but it’s also really boring and has no place in Comedy Hypnosis.

These are the biggest points that will help you determine if you’ve booked a scriptnotist or a real hypnotist. I recommend avoiding booking a scriptnotist all together. To ensure this, be sure to review several full length shows of the hypnotists you’re considering.

If you see any of the points discussed above in their videos, specifically during the pre-talk, which occurs before volunteers are brought on stage, consider booking a different hypnotist. Not that scriptnotists can’t do a good show, you’re just going to get a much better show from a real hypnotist.

In closing, I want your event to be high energy, filled with incredibly laughs, and unforgettable to you and your audience. If you have any questions or would like to confirm if the comedy hypnotist you’re considering is a real hypnotists or a scriptnotist, please feel free to get in touch.

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