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Routines You Should Never Do At A High School Comedy Hypnosis Show

As a full-time comedy hypnotist located in South Dakota, which is a very conservative state, it’s essential to provide quality and funny routines that will ensure no one leaves your comedy hypnosis show feeling embarrassed, upset or offended. I have had the opportunity over the years to witness high school comedy hypnosis shows where hypnotists perform routines that should only be performed in a night club (21+) setting, college or at least an adults only show.

I’m very passionate about the industry and the business I have built in South Dakota as a comedy hypnotist and also very outspoken about those hypnotists that continue to over-step the lines of funny. I’m not referring to comedy clubs or night club/venues where these routines are appropriate and expected to occur. I’m talking about high school comedy hypnosis shows.

One such comedy hypnotist, located in Northern, MN is notorious for this unethical behavior. It not only effects the business of other comedy hypnotists, but ethically it’s just plain wrong. He has recently and continues to perform routines that in my opinion are just not appropriate for high school comedy hypnosis shows. Last year he performed for two South Dakota high schools performing the routines mentioned.

Thankfully, these schools have chosen to not re-book him for obvious reasons. I was subsequently booked days after his performances (for the 2018 prom season) by both schools and I hope that I can gain back the confidence lost by the negative actions of this Minnesota comedy hypnotist.

There are literally hundreds of routines one can choose from, but I’ll highlight some that SHOULD NEVER be performed for a high school comedy hypnosis show audience. All of these were routines performed by the specific comedy hypnotist mentioned at two high schools in South Dakota, and I’m sure many others, resulting in the schools looking for yet again, another comedy hypnotist.


I’m Naked / Missing the back of my pants routine – In this routine, the students are asked to imagine that the hypnotist is either completely naked OR missing the back of his pants. He than proceeds to bend over to show his butt to these students OR worse, he’ll face them and jump up and down in front of the students to draw a reaction of him appearing naked in their minds. Although many of the students find this hilarious, most schools and parents find this unacceptable and embarrassing. I personally do not want my own children to visualize a naked hypnotist on stage.

Ice Cream Cone routine This one seems innocent, but it was actually a skit created for adult shows. During this bit, the students are asked to lick an ice cream cone that is melting everywhere. It doesn’t need an explanation as to what this skit is referencing. It’s a “sexual in nature” bit that has no place in any high school comedy hypnosis show.

Fall in love with the hypnotist routine – This bit is exactly what the title says. There are variations to it. For example, the hypnotist may say that the volunteers (high school students) will fall in love with him. The hypnotist than proceeds to dance with the female volunteers. In a variation, the hypnotist will tell the volunteers he is their favorite celebrity and than will have the volunteer dance with him. Once again, I would never want my own kids slow dancing a hypnotist on stage.

Hide this money routine – During this bit, the hypnotist tells the volunteers there is money all over the floor and to hide it wherever they can. Naturally, girls will hide it down there shirts, guys down their pants etc. Than the hypnotist says that the money is hot or becomes itchy, or they don’t want it anymore and the volunteers begin to dig in there pants and shirts to pull the money out quickly. Where this becomes a problem is when shirts get lifted up, pants pulled down etc. Once again, definitely not a skit you should EVER see in a high school comedy hypnosis show.

Hide the balloon routine – This is Similar to the money skit mentioned above. In this bit, the hypnotist will tell the volunteers that they are very protective over balloons and they must hide them or they have a balloon fetish. The volunteers than shove giant balloons under their shirts, exposing stomachs and other areas of volunteers that have no business on stage in a high school comedy hypnosis show. This particular hypnotist even takes pictures of this and posts them on the internet for all to see. There is just no place in this business for routines or hypnotists that do any of the routines mentioned in a high school setting.

Watching a sexy movie routine – I can’t even fathom why any hypnotist would ever choose this routine. It’s done often in comedy clubs and night clubs and that’s where it belongs and should stay. During this bit the comedy hypnotist has the volunteers imagine they are watching a sexy/dirty movie. This is shocking beyond any comprehension. Any hypnotist that does this routine, should be embarrassed and not allowed to perform shows. I do not want my own kids visualizing a sexy/dirty movie while under hypnosis. It’s another example of the poor taste of this hypnotist.

Sadly, the Minnesota comedy hypnotist I’m referring too, actually does ALL of these skits in his high school comedy hypnosis shows. It’s incredibly unprofessional and as someone who cares deeply about his volunteers, business and audience, you will never see any of these skits in my high school comedy hypnosis show, especially not in South Dakota.

I perform skits that I would not mind my own kids being apart of. My high school comedy hypnosis show is always squeaky clean, professional and done in good taste. There is NEVER any sexual innuendo or material that should never be done with a high school audience.

Be sure to check out pictures and FULL videos of any comedy hypnotists you are considering booking and if you see ANY of these skits being done in videos or pictures at a high school show, consider booking another hypnotist for your high school after-prom or sober graduation party. As always, I’m available to answer any questions and would love to be apart of your next high school event!

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