Why you should Book A South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist Early to Avoid Bottom Feeders!

Avoid a bottom feeder Comedy Hypnotist at your after-prom or senior graduation event!

It’s only been a few months since the South Dakota High School After-Prom and Senior graduation parties have come to a close, but if you’re like many of the South Dakota high schools I perform for each year, your planning has already started for your 2018 event! One of those tasks is booking the most requested form of entertainment, a South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist.

This blog post is part of a series to assist you in ensuring you’re booking the very best South Dakota High School Comedy Hypnotist possible for your event. Over the last 7 years, I’ve been honored to perform my Comedy Hypnosis Show for High Schools all across South Dakota with the majority of my High School Comedy Hypnosis Shows coming from the Sioux Falls area.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a wealth of knowledge and hope to share that knowledge with you to ensure you’re getting the best Comedy Hypnotist Possible. In this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of booking a comedy hypnotist early!


Booking early is vital for not only getting a good deal, but ensuring you get a good comedy hypnotist! In 2017, due to my schedule being full, I turned down 9 High School Comedy Hypnosis shows in the Sioux Falls area alone! With another dozen coming from other parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and North Dakota.

For the 2018 after-prom and graduation parties, I’ve already booked my comedy hypnosis show at 8 high schools within 30 miles of Sioux Falls. These shows are more than 7 months away. I say this to impress upon you the IMPORTANCE OF BOOKING EARLY! I hate when committees call me in February or even March looking for a comedy hypnotist, because I know they will often fall prey to the bottom feeders and the inexperienced in this industry.

Bottom feeders and the inexperienced are comedy hypnotists that do it as a “hobby,” have no formal training and only perform during the after-prom and senior graduation season because it is a lucrative time. These bottom feeders prey off of schools looking for a comedy hypnotist at the last minute. They charge outrageous fees to these committees and committees feel forced to book them because they have pressure of the students wanting a hypnotist.

The result is a disappointing and embarrassing nightmare for both the students and the committees! I have seen so many South Dakota High Schools refuse to ever book a comedy hypnotist again because they have been victims of these bottom feeders. Since most bottom feeder comedy hypnotists only accept shows from desperate schools they are free to charge outrageous fees! You can avoid this headache by booking early! The majority of professional High School Comedy Hypnotist will usually fill their schedule up early, because there is a demand for them.

The time to book a comedy hypnotist is NOW, between the months of September and November in ensure you get a hypnotist, but also to ensure they will put on an award-winning performance. You would also be surprised how many committees book comedy hypnotists 18 months or more out for their event. Two of my schools I’ll be performing at next year have had me booked for almost 2 years. The secret to getting a quality hypnotist and avoiding your event being a flop is to BOOK EARLY!

If you’re interested in booking a High School Comedy Hypnotist in the Sioux Falls area or anywhere in the Midwest please get in touch. You can request a quote or learn more! I’ve also got tons of videos for you to screen.