Under The Influence – Casting Call

SLEEP If You Dare...

Have you always wondered what someone is willing to do while under the influence of hypnosis? A new web series, called “Under The Influence,” will begin filming in Sioux Falls and YOU have a chance to be a part of it! The show will put the power of hypnosis to the test in a comical and outrageous Web Series that aims to explore the limits of hypnosis!

Kellen Marson, the executive producer and comedy hypnotist on the show said, “The idea came to me after watching Impractical Jokers on TruTV and thinking hypnosis would take this concept to an entirely new level.” The show is currently doing casting calls in Sioux Falls for volunteers wanting to be a part of the pilot episode. Those chosen to be on the show will be compensated.

According to Marson, volunteers will not be aware of the situations they are placed into. Through a wireless ear piece, volunteers will be instructed to act and behave in specific ways. “Using hypnosis, we can set the scene and significantly reduce ones inhibitions resulting in a show that is unpredictable, unique, and hysterical,” said Marson.

So what situations can volunteers expect to be put through? Consider going on the WORST first date of your life! Volunteers will attend a first date with someone of the opposite gender who is neither hypnotized or have any idea that they are actually on a show. Through hypnosis, you’ll be instructed to act and behave in specific ways during the date to make this first date a nightmare.

“This is just one of the ideas of hundreds, we’ve put together,” said Marson.

There is no date set for filming, but the screening process for volunteers has started. If you’re interested in volunteering for the show please fill out the form below.